Elite Bat G-1 English Willow

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Alavi Sports Elite Bat…..

This Alavi Sports Elite Cricket Bat features classic cosmetics and profile it has been crafted for a batsmen that is serious about his game.

A bat graded for first class performance will ensues a real presence and unrivaled confidence at the crease.

*  Alavi Sports Elite Cricket bat
*  Grade 1 English willow

* Long Blade Short Handle Available

*  Profile: Concave sculpting to give a professional pick up and balance.
*  Handle: Finest 12 Piece Cane for maximum feel through the blade.
*  Handle Shape: Semi oval bottom hand for comfort and complete control.
*  Bow: Even mid blade bow.
*  Strike Zone: Mid blade sweet spot, ideally suited to both front foot and back foot play.
*  Edge: Imposing edge profile that isn’t compromised.
*  Grip: Double texture zone grip provides the complete retro look.

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